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How Ebert Construction’s Full Service StrategyCan Help You

In the state of Minnesota, Ebert Construction is primarily known as one of the finest commercial general contractors around. In reality, however, that doesn’t tell the whole story. In addition to building structures, they also serve as a construction management and real estate services company, which means they can analyze the situation and help you acquire the best facility for your company, by taking into account the costs, size requirements and the long-term outlook for the facility.

A family-owned business that the family has operated since 1968, Ebert Construction has built hundreds of commercial buildings, but in addition to construction, they have also remodeled, restored, and converted many other buildings, based on each client’s needs. Of course, that is because they specialize in many construction and maintenance services, including concrete, masonry and carpentry services, so they can do all of those themselves. Whatever a client needs, Ebert Construction can determine that and get it done, at every stage of the project.

Ebert Construction’s Strategy is Based on Full Service

As a family-owned business that the family has operated since 1968, Ebert Construction is extremely well-known as a commercial general contractor in Minnesota, but when people refer to them that way, they are short-changing the impact of the company. Like most contractors, they do build structures, but they offer a whole lot more. In addition to being a builder, they are also a construction management and real estate services company.

Over nearly a half century, hundreds of commercial buildings have been constructed, remodeled, restored, and converted by Ebert Construction, but they also specialize in many construction and maintenance services, including concrete, masonry and carpentry service, among others. In every sense of the term, Ebert Construction is most certainly a full service company, offering construction management services at every level, as well as real estate services. The wide range of services available to clients and customers have provided them with the ability to guide virtually every aspect of the commercial construction process. They can do it all, in every sense of the term.

Brokerage and Tenant Services from Ebert Construction

Even though their name implies just construction services, Ebert Construction does more than just construction. In fact, they offer general brokerage services that include marketing properties for sale or lease, tenant representation and advisory, as well as brokerage of office, industrial, retail and investment properties. They are considered a one stop shop for their clients in all areas of their projects. They want utilize their skills in helping you to analyze market opportunities, negotiate transactions, perform financial modeling, analyze market and comparable research, develop properties, and prepare documentation.

Just proving that they are so much more than just construction, in addition to brokerage services, Ebert Construction also offers tenant representation. They consider themselves a tenant representation specialist and can represent you during the process of acquiring facilities through a lease or during a purchase transaction period. They have experience in all areas of lease and purchase transactions and will even help you to define facility space requirements, identify and evaluate alternatives, negotiate lease and acquisition terms, prepare documents, and orchestrate the process of building out and moving into a new facility. Each of these tasks can be overwhelming to someone that is not experienced in these areas. With years of proven success for their clients, they are prepared to take on any task that arises. Let Ebert Construction help you with your brokerage and tenant services today.

Ebert Construction – Construction Management

When looking for a company to assist with construction management, one wants to find a company that they can trust to get the job done efficiently and cost effectively. One has always heard or experienced horror stories regarding construction projects and management. Ebert Construction is a commercial general contracting, construction management and real estate services company located in Minnesota. They have been family owned and operated since their opening in 1968. They have completed projects that entail building, remodeling, restoring, and converting. They have done this kind of work and more on hundreds of commercial buildings making them an experienced company that you can trust with your next project.

In addition to their self-performing concrete, selective demolition, and carpentry divisions, Ebert Construction also offer construction management services and real estate planning services. Their portfolio includes projects that take place throughout Minnesota.

When partnering with Ebert Construction, you will quickly discover that their team is deeply committed to delivering quality service and craftsmanship. And not just a high level of quality, but also services completed on time and within the set out budget. They strive to earn your satisfaction during all project phases. Let them help assist in your next commercial general contracting, construction management, or real estate services needs in the Minnesota area. Trust Ebert Construction to bring your commercial project visions to reality, efficiently and effectively.