In the state of Minnesota, Ebert Construction is primarily known as one of the finest commercial general contractors around. In reality, however, that doesn’t tell the whole story. In addition to building structures, they also serve as a construction management and real estate services company, which means they can analyze the situation and help you acquire the best facility for your company, by taking into account the costs, size requirements and the long-term outlook for the facility.

A family-owned business that the family has operated since 1968, Ebert Construction has built hundreds of commercial buildings, but in addition to construction, they have also remodeled, restored, and converted many other buildings, based on each client’s needs. Of course, that is because they specialize in many construction and maintenance services, including concrete, masonry and carpentry services, so they can do all of those themselves. Whatever a client needs, Ebert Construction can determine that and get it done, at every stage of the project.